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For several hours a week, a Brooklyn gym donates its facilities and resources to neighborhood kids. Brooklyn Reporter Jeanine Ramirez has the story. Six-year-old Jason Sosa comes to Sweatbox Brooklyn in Sunset Park once a week to learn some skills with other kids. They can learn how to defend themselves from bullies and people trying to bother them," Sosa said in the gym. It's a two-hour afterschool program Thursdays organized by the non-profit organization Youth Fighting Forward. The group's founder, Frank Galarza, and the gym's owner, Argenis Arce, teamed up to offer the program to kids here for free. Pretty much they just show up, Arce said. We supply everything — all the wraps, all the gloves, all the training. I cover all the expenses for the trainers. I fund it out of my own pocket and we've received small donations, Galarza said. We're a 501(c)(3), everything is certified.

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When Argenis Arce saw the infamous ‘Rocky’ scene — where he runs up the stairs — he knew he wanted to become a boxer at an early age. Arce would train himself by running laps around his home in Puerto Rico with hopes of one day stepping into the ring. Meanwhile, Arce’s future business partner, Marvin Valle, collected bottles in his Sunset Park neighborhood to buy his plane ticket to visit his native El Salvador. Now, in 2016, Arce and Valle, are brothers-in-law and proud owners of Sweatbox Brooklyn (229 46th St.) in Sunset Park. After leaving Puerto, Arce and his family resided in Sunset Park. Arce’s father wanted to find a positive outlet to keep him off the streets, which is why he signed him up for boxing lessons at Sunset Park Recreational Center.

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